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2018 Focus: The Year of Reckoning…A “housing market recovery” and “house-price recovery” are two different things. I operate under the assumption that house prices will always, over time, gravitate to what the “end-user, mortgage-needing, shelter buyer” cohort can afford using a traditional mortgage loan with a minimal down payment. At times, for various reasons, prices
My analysis below highlights how out of scope house prices are from end-user, shelter-buyer, employment & income fundamentals in the most economically important cities. This massive divergence has been driven largely from the things present in all bubbles; unorthodox capital, credit & liquidity driving speculation. Like Bubble 1.0, house prices in the most lofty regions
Housing “affordability” just took another huge hit. This is incredible. Below is from a friend in a family of four with two healthy adults and two  healthy, grammar-school aged children. The adults and children have two separate health insurance policies for financial reasons. This typical family just received notice of a 40% premium spike, or$587


HANSON: 6-YEAR REFI-BOOM ON DECK? As a long-time, humble observer and student of the markets, particularly credit, which rules the world, I have paid close attention to a factor I dubbed the “REFI CAPITAL CONVEYOR BELT“. In short, banks and lenders churning hundreds of billions in refi’s each quarter (to the Govt vis’ a vis

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