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A Real Estate, Mortgage & Credit Advisory covering the US, Australia and Canada

Unbiased – experience, ground and data driven – real estate, mortgage & credit sector insight, strategy, and “thoughtful disagreement”.

Years of real-life, front-line mortgage banking & housing sector experience working with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA and most other mortgage investors — coupled with extensive, on-the-ground research, data stockpiling and analytics — make our housing, finance, credit and macro insights, strategy and ideas almost always outside of the consensus box and months ahead of market-moving events and headlines.

This has led to an extraordinarily large number of early and accurate predictions about the ‘great mortgage and housing meltdown’, the era following widely assumed to be a “recovery”, and company-specific events.

Our clients (paid & pro-bono) include the financial services sector (pension, mutual, hedge, and sov wealth funds), private equity, builders, banks & lenders, Real Estate funds & associations, public sector Governments, and Central Banks.

Through our public facing pro-bono work we strive to decipher the new-era mortgage & housing markets for the “little guy”, Ma & Pa America, who we hope one day won’t finish last.

“This isn’t your parent’s housing and mortgage market.

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